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When I was a young girl growing up I always said to my parents,” Take me somewhere”. I was lucky that my dad had a car, so we could go for a drive out of New York City and see the countryside. I always had that lust for adventure and travel, but my other interests took me on stage as a dancer.

Until, that is,  I got into my twenties, when I called a friend and asked: how would you like to go to Europe? That was the beginning of my new career. I had read a book on how to travel in Europe on $5 a day (believe or not) and we went to four countries in two weeks, visiting Lisbon, Seville, Madrid, Paris, and London. Later I moved to California with my husband and children, and I took myself to travel school and after a few years, made the decision to start my own travel agency. 

I learned quite a bit about the industry in that time.  I not only ran the agency, I also developed group travel and good customer service skills. My goal is to make sure clients are happy and satisfied with my service and expertise, and to this day I have many clients that have been with me for years as loyal customers and friends.

I have had  wonderful opportunities to travel and I seem to mostly enjoy “off the beaten path” type of travel. I have experienced some unusual trips: from self-drive boats on the rivers and canals of France, renting a villa in Italy, to just driving to places that are off the usual path. 

As a leisure travel consultant I have the capability to understand what my clients would enjoy, and I advise them accordingly. I know what I enjoy when I travel, but more important is to recognize the needs and desires are of my clients. I feel very comfortable suggesting either a five-star luxury trip or, for families that may be on a tighter budget, something more modest.

For me it has been a pleasure and a constant growing experience to be part of an exciting industry.

P. S. I still dance in my living room.  

My Travel Experiences

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