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Norwegian Cruise Line

I’ve always been fascinated by foreign cultures and far-off lands. Growing up in Santa Barbara also helped me to appreciate the local Spanish, Mexican and Native American influences that are prevalent in my hometown and surrounding areas. During my 4+ years in the U.S. Navy, I had hoped to see the world and explore. Sadly, this opportunity never presented itself; however, this desire always burned inside of me.

In 2014, I graduated with a B.A. in Spanish with a minor in Anthropology from the California State University of Channel Islands, and thankfully was able to land a great position with TravelStore. Now, I not only have the opportunity to build upon my desire to travel the world, but even better, I have the opportunity to create fantastic and memorable experiences for our clients. I can also pursue my passion for the Spanish language and the wonderful cultures that comprise Latin America and the rest of “el mundo hispanohablante” (the Spanish-speaking world).

Since joining TravelStore, I have completed the Hawaii, Mexico and Chile destination specialist courses. I’m also a Signature Travel Expert and in January of 2016, I successfully passed the Travel Agent Proficiency (TAP) exam.

I recently visited the Caribbean for the first time on a 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise. Renting an electric scooter for the day in Tortola was definitely the highlight of the trip. Other memorable places I’ve visited include Zagreb, Croatia, London, Vancouver B.C. and the Baja Peninsula. When I travel, I like to “unplug” myself as much as possible and just be one with the moment and my surroundings. I find it fascinating just being able to sit back and observe the daily flow of events in the places I visit.  

My Travel Experiences

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