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My grandma was a travel agent and some of my earliest memories are of her hand-writing airilne tickets late into the night at her dining room table. She would watch so many interesting videos about far-of places, and all the different colors, foods, sounds and beauty made an impression on me growing up, and I have been a traveler ever since.

Upon graduating high-school, I planned all the logistics for a month-long backpacking trip through Europe for myself and five friends. After visiting all the art museums during this backpacking trip, I earned a degree in Art History.

In the past three years, I have escorted numerous cruise groups all around the world. I love getting to know my clients while we travel! I have ever-lasting memories of dinners on the Rhone River with the Millers, taking a slow walk down Bourbon St. in New Orleans with Mrs. Rom, and tasting cheese in Lyon with Mrs. Sindell.

I'm drawn to the Mediterranean which has it all: great food and wine, art, warm beaches and rich history. The beauty of the Mexican coast along the Sea of Cortez rivals that of Greece and is my favorite “secret” recommendation.

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