Veranda Suite

Stateroom: 300 sq. ft.

Veranda: 58 sq. ft.

Staterom 7004: Stateroom: 296 sq. ft.; Veranda: 53 sq. ft.

  • 4 Suites available: Tahiti Suite (709), Pont Avent Suite (710), Atuona Suite (711), Arles Suite (712).
  • Veranda Suites can accommodate up to 4 guests by adding 2 berths with cribs or a sofa bed.
  • Includes complimentaryButler Service.

Note: Loveseat beds are slightly smaller than a standard twin bed but can comfortably accomodate an average-size adult.
Square Footage:358
Veranda Suite-A located on
  • Deck 7