China Experiences we recommend

(and which our China travel experts look forward to arranging for you)

Be a Beijinger

A day of fascinating experiences will introduce you to the daily life in Beijing, including partaking in morning exercises, a visit to the Panjiayuan Antique Market frequented by locals, a subway ride to Noodle Loft for noodle-making class and lunch, a hutong tour by pedicab, and shopping at local markets with your guide for the evening’s dinner you'll enjoy with a local family.

Join the English Corner

Meet with local students at the university who meet to practice their English in the evening. You’ll get interesting insights into China’s younger generation, and bridge the cultural divide while sharing in conversation with young locals.

Dine on the Great Wall

After visiting a less visited part of The Great Wall, enjoy a catered dinner atop The Wall, in private, with white tablecloths and wine, as you enjoy the vast expansive views.

Olympic Kite Flying

Learn to make a traditional Chinese kite and then take it out flying at the Olympic Games venues in Beijing! 

Visit Chengde

Some way off the beaten path, Chengde is famous for the Imperial Summer Resort (Bi Shu Shan Zhuang) and Outer Eight Temples (Wai Ba Miao). With the highway now linking Beijing with Chengde, it takes only 2.5 hours to drive here each way and makes for a good day-trip.

Meet A Panda

We’ll make special arrangements for you to enjoy panda encounter, with the opportunity to feed and learn about the care of these amazing animals at the Giant Panda Breeding Center in Chengdu.

Yangshuo Cooking School

On the banks of the beautiful Li River, near Guilin, a traditional building with gorgeous views houses the Yangshuo cooking school, featured on PBS.  In addition to learning to cook dishes like beer fish and steamed stuffed vegetables, you’ll have opportunities for rafting and bicycling, while enjoying accommodations at the Green Lotus Hotel.

Antiquity Handling

The Shaanxi History Museum contains well over 100,000 objects in its collections, including Tang dynasty wall paintings, terra cotta statuary, bronzes, ceramics, carvings and more. Enjoy a private visit and experience white-glove handling of the museum’s national treasures in the artifacts room, followed by an in-depth tour of the museum.


Enjoy the spectacular landscapes as you hike the famous Yellow Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage site, or hike The Great Wall of China and experience it like very few do.


Imagine staying in the Imperial Palace in China's capital -- overnight

Imperial Welcome Ceremony in Xi'an

A very exclusive opportunity to experience an Imperial Welcome (experienced by Bill Clinton in 1999) at either the city's North Gate or South Gate, with dancers, ritual ceremonies and more.

private meeting with a monk

Have a private conversation with a monk and learn more about their lifestyle, and/or enjoy the sunrise with Buddhist chants in a Buddhist Temple.