Before being confirmed on this trip, you must review and agree to these standard Terms & Conditions. with an email sent to us indicating you have read and agree to these Terms.
  1. Plan-to-Go Fee - TravelStore charges a “plan-to-go” fee to plan your customized itinerary. This fee is from $100 per adult for itineraries up to 10 days, and from $150 per adult for longer trips.

    TravelStore’s “plan-to-go” fee will be applied to the cost of your travel arrangements. It is non-refundable should you decide not to book, and provides nominal compensation for researching and/or securing your arrangements.  (More on fees.)
  2. Confidentiality - We respect your privacy. Travel arrangements are kept confidential among those that need to know in working on your itinerary and securing your arrangements. If you are planning a “surprise” trip for a significant other, or for any other reason need to preclude us from discussing your arrangements with family and/or those you are traveling with, please advise your travel consultant. Actual itineraries we plan, however, are deemed our work product and not otherwise confidential.
  3. Reservations, Deposits & Payments – Accommodations and services are NOT confirmed until your written confirmation for services is received by your travel consultant, and payment or a credit card guarantee is provided to secure them. Use of a credit card requires receipt of a completed and signed Credit Card Authorization Form.|

    Likewise, proposals are subject to space being available when payment/guarantee is made. Different deposit and payment requirements may apply to different components of your itinerary, and this information will be provided by your travel consultant.

Unless otherwise advised, final and/or full payment is due 75 days prior to departure. For close-in bookings within 14 days of departure, payments must be by Certified or Cashier's check and will be governed by suppliers’ requirements.

Non-US residents: Except for initial deposit, payment must be made via bank wire transfer or personal credit card, and a legible scanned copy of the front and back of the credit card sent to us, with a completed and signed Credit Card Authorization Form.

  1. Cancellations & Modifications - A service charge of $50 per booking may apply for each change made after the initial booking request has been approved by you and the service confirmed by TravelStore with the supplier.

    For cancellations, airlines and other vendors may assess cancellation fees which will be passed on to you. In some cases suppliers of services may provide no refund. Once travel has commenced, any changes or cancellation is at your expense. Special cancellation and modification policies may apply for travel during holiday times. Information will be given on request at the time of booking.
  1. Travel Protection Plan – Travel insurance is optionally available, along with the option to add “Cancellation for Any Reason”. See more details.

    Your approval of these terms constitutes proof TravelStore has offered you travel insurance protection. Should you elect to waive the purchase of, or do not otherwise have, adequate coverage, TravelStore will not be held responsible for any claims.
  2. Documents Required – Each traveler is responsible for obtaining proper travel documents for each destination visited. For travel anywhere outside of the United States, U.S. citizens must have a passport valid for at least six months beyond the conclusion of your travel. Citizens of other countries should consult their consulate. It is solely your responsibility to ensure all documents needed are complete and current. International tickets cannot be issued until we receive a copy of the name page of each passenger's passport.

    Some destinations also require US citizens be in possession of a visa.  Your travel consultant can advise if a visa is necessary. To review visa requirements and or procure one, or to expedite passport services, please refer to CIBT.
  3. Pricing – Unless otherwise noted, all prices quoted by TravelStore are in U.S. dollars and include costs associated with our services including planning, communication and providing your trip documentation. According to industry standards, packaged pricing is not subject to an itemization of costs. If requested, TravelStore will do its best to provide price breakdowns; however, some suppliers will not provide this to us based on their contractual arrangements, in which case we, in turn, are unable to provide them to you.|

    Prices are calculated based on tariffs and current rate of exchange. Prices may be subject to change in the event of significant currency fluctuation, the introduction of new taxes, and/or fuel surcharges up until final payment is received. Once final payment is received, all prices are guaranteed.
  1. Services – This proposal includes the following services:
  • International airfares, inclusive of taxes, as shown in the itinerary are included/excluded.
  • Hotel rooms are based on two people sharing a double-bedded room with private facilities, based on 3- 4- 5-star accommodations, inclusive/exclusive of room taxes.
  • Porterage at hotels is/is not included
  • Daily continental/American breakfast is/is not included
  • Additional meals included are: xx lunches,  xx dinners
  • Internal flights between x and x are/are not included.
  • Private transfers from x to x are/are not included.
  • Sightseeing as outlined in the itinerary is included.

    Not Included - Meals (except where indicated as included), any components not shown in the itinerary, beverages, laundry, excess baggage charges, and any items of a personal nature, including the cost of passports and visas.
  1. Air Fares - Air fares used are based on economy class fare(s). Penalties may apply if you cancel after the ticket is issued. Your travel consultant can advise you on the specific penalties that apply. The passenger ticket in use, when issued, shall constitute the sole contract between the airlines and purchaser of these tickets. Air schedules are subject to change without notice.

    Please keep in mind federal law prohibits the carriage of hazardous materials aboard aircraft on your person or in any baggage, checked or unchecked. For futher information please visit  and
  1. Accommodations –Please keep in mind, rooms are generally not available for check-in until the afternoon of arrival, and check-out is generally by noon, unless otherwise requested and confirmed by the hotel or your travel consultant.

    We do our best to recommend hotels that provide appropriate service within their category, based on your request, budget and requirements. No one can vouche for every room in every hotel worldwide. If you are checked into a room that is not acceptable to you, we encourage you to speak to the front desk or hotel management to request a room change, or reach out to your travel consultant for assistance. We will do everything possible to address the situation. If the only acceptable solution is to upgrade to a higher category or change hotels, any cost difference will be at your expense.
  1. Private Transfers - If we have arranged private transfers for you, pricing and service is based on one standard piece of luggage + one personal carry-on, per person.  If you feel you will be traveling with excess or oversize luggage, please advise us so we can arrange a larger vehicle.
  1. Our Responsibility - Your TravelStore consultant makes every effort to provide arrangements that can best meet your requirements and within your budget parameters. TravelStore will take responsibility if we make serious judgmental errors in planning your vacation, or if services we confirmed were not provided. Our limitation will be compensating you for the value of those specific services that were not delivered and paid for.

    By accepting this proposal/itinerary, you agree TravelStore has no liability for booking errors not reported to us within 24 hours after you receive this itinerary.

    TravelStore acts as your representative in securing the arrangement you have requested. TravelStore, its agents and employees, act only as agents for the passenger in regard to travel by road, air, sea or by mode of transportation or local conveyance, and assumes no liability for personal injury, property damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity incurred by any person arising out of the negligence of any direct or supplemental air carrier, hotel or person engaged in conveying the passenger, providing rental cars, or rendering any of the services or accommodations being offered in these tours; nor shall TravelStore be responsible for any injuries, death, damages, loss or delay in any means of transportation or by reason of any event beyond TravelStore’s actual control. Any such losses or expenses must be borne by the passenger. The right is reserved to substitute hotels of similar category or change schedules without prior notice should circumstances so require. In the event of a change in the itinerary necessitated by factors or conditions beyond the actual control of TravelStore, such as strikes, political and social unrest, labor problems, climatic aberrations, or any act of God, no refund can be made nor will credit be given, provided that in the event of such change TravelStore shall provide accommodations and services of comparable quality and standards as set forth in the itinerary.

    Travel Store Inc. (dba TravelStore) is registered as a seller of travel with the Attorney General of the State of California pursuant to Section 17550 of the California Business and Professions Code, under registration #2002736-10.