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TravelStore is proud to be a preferred partner of Zegrahm Expeditions, a company of explorers and adventurers. For over 25 years, they have shared their passion for unique experiences with like-minded travelers by weaving together the world's most inspiring and remote destinations, on all seven continents, into one-of-a-kind itineraries. 

Each year Zegrahm's field leaders and program managers build a unique line-up of expeditions far removed from the standard routes that allow participants to fulfill their passion for exploration and adventure.

The allure of a small-ship expedition cruise experience is the flexibility and ease in navigating some of the most fascinating destinations on Earth, including remote islands and narrow fjords inaccessible by larger ships. Zegrahm charters vessels from some of the best fleets in the world—using the highest standards. All of the vessels offer oceanview staterooms and have access to myriad amenities, including a single-seating dining room, library, lounge, observation area, fleet of Zodiacs for excursions ashore, and more.

Zegrahm strives to build the ultimate dream team for each itinerary—marine biologists, ornithologists, geologists, botanists, historians, anthropologists, archaeologists, divemasters, and others who will enrich and enlighten during each journey. These experts are just as eager to share their in-depth knowledge as they are to make new discoveries alongside you while exploring each destination.

Respect for our world is also key behind off-the-beaten-path itineraries that immerse in the culture and natural history of a destination, with authentic interactions to better understand, appreciate, and protect the world in which we live.

Zegrahm Expeditions are all-Inclusive –  virtually everything in the cost of your trip is included:
· Complimentary activity options, from kayaking, snorkeling, and diving to cultural tours, wine tastings, and traditional performances
· All gratuities, from porters and ship's crew to tour guides and drivers
· All accommodations
· World-class lecture and expedition team
· All meals on board and with the group ashore, including beer and wine with lunch and dinner.

Let us arrange an amazing trip for you. Plan your adventure.