River Cruising: Getting Up Close and Personal

River cruising has come of age. Perhaps river cruises are so popular because they combine luxury and comfort with an unhurried pace of travel and authentic experiences that provide memorable cultural discoveries and new destination insights.  They are more inclusive than most ocean cruises, as shore excursions, along with wine and beer with meals are usually included, and offer a very different type of experience from ocean-going cruises.

Surprisingly, there are more than 725 river cruise ships worldwide -- and over 200 in Europe alone, with new ships being built each year! There are new luxury European river cruises as well as new ships on the Amazon, Zambezi, the Mekong and Irriwaddy in Southeast Asia, the Yangtze, the Nile, and America's rivers like the Mississippi. 

We work with select river cruise companies that provide the comfort and quality experiences our customers rely upon. With such diversity of choice, our river cruise experts can assist you with the right choice, and make all the necessary arrangements. You can also shop our most preferred river cruise lines using the Cruise Finder tool above. Let us personalize your river cruise vacation.

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