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The South Pacific paradise of Fiji beckons. Visions of a Fiji vacation, complete with an over-water bungalow, your days spent visiting quaint, secluded islands, unspoiled beaches, and swimming in the translucent waters of a lagoon that beg you to explore below the surface are the stuff that travel dreams are made of. Add to all of that the idyllic weather that gives the islands of Fiji their exotic allure, and it’s easy to see why Fiji tops so many traveler’s lists of places that they simply must experience.

Things to Do and See - Unique Adventures and Experiences in Fiji

A dream Fiji vacation for you may involve staying at an all-inclusive resort, and our experts can guide your choice as they've been to many of them. If the privacy and seclusion of an all-inclusive is what you crave, then Fiji is a great destination for you, and relying on resort staff to help you occupy your days and nights will be part of what you’re paying for. With a bit more planning, together with a customized itinerary, we'll help create something truly unique.

Fiji vacation packages typically include a wide variety of fantastic activities. In fact, you can choose from so many great things to do in Fiji that the sheer amount of options can get a bit dizzying. For starters, there are amazing water-based activities like scuba diving reefs and wrecks, snorkeling pristine lagoons, sea kayaking around isolated islands to near-untouched beaches, sport fishing some of the world’s best waters, and reading poolside or in a chair on the beach.

There are also a great many museums and cultural attractions worth visiting, fantastic shopping opportunities in the larger towns of Fiji, unbelievable hiking opportunities, wildlife treks, mountain climbs, and waterfall pool swims to be taken advantage of in the interior of the islands. And if you’re looking for nightlife, the islands also have many excellent restaurants and nightclubs waiting to entertain you.

Fiji Weather and Climate

Fiji weather has a lot to do with the popularity of the nation as a vacation destination, and the weather here rarely moves out of the eighties in either direction. Year-round stable temperatures are the norm on Fiji, but precipitation levels can vary dramatically.

From November to March, the southerly trade winds bring wet weather and the occasional cyclone (hurricane) to the islands. Cyclone season is mostly confined to January and February, but only a couple of storms in any given decade cause more than minor damage. The dry season in Fiji runs from April through October.

Transportation Options in Fiji

Fiji cruises and ferries are a great way to tour outlying islands and to get from island to island. Other options for intra-island travel include commercial flights and small aircraft charters. Getting around on the bigger islands is generally accomplished by bus, taxi, or via hitchhiking. There are many local operators driving small, canopy-covered trucks that make runs between cities and other points of interest, charging modest rates (especially when compared to taxis).

Fiji’s Hotels & Resorts

Regardless of whether you are planning a Fiji vacation or your Fiji honeymoon, it pays to arrange your Fiji resorts and Fiji hotels well in advance of your intended arrival. There are many options when it comes to accommodations on the islands of Fiji, from modest cultural home stays with natives, to five-star all-inclusive ultra-private resorts.

The larger islands have the greatest range of accommodations available, and many of the smaller islands are actually privately held resorts that don’t allow visitors without a reservation. No worries -- we'll guide you and secure your arrangements.


Some of our experts have visited Fiji resorts numerous times and have excellent resources to plan customized Fiji vacations or a Fiji honeymoon: send us your request and one of our Fiji travel experts will contact you to begin to plan your trip. You can also search for current Fiji vacations above.