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More About The Maldives

What is the average cost of a Maldives vacation?
It depends on where you stay! The Maldives has anything from three-star resorts to six-star, ultra-luxury accommodations, and price differs accordingly.
What is the best time to visit the Maldives?
November to the end of April, which is the dry season and the most expensive time to go. 
Is the Maldives safe?
The Maldives are extremely safe. On a trip, you will be generally in the resort. You will fly into Malé and transfer by seaplane, speedboat, yacht, or commercial flight. 
What makes the Maldives a great destination?
Going here is all about going to the resorts and ocean beauty. There is also surfing depending on where you go. The Maldives are, practically, on sea-level; there are no mountains. The famously romantic Maldives are also known for their overwater bungalows as this destination has the most gorgeous ones, some of which are massive. Lastly, all of the resorts have coral plantation programs that guests can take part in.
How long it will take to get to the Maldives?
From Los Angeles, you can go through the Middle East, which is what most people do because the flights are pretty affordable. It’s 17 hours, nonstop, to Dubai, and then a five-hour flight. You can also fly through Singapore and Hong Kong. Similar routing can be applied if you are leaving anywhere on the West Coast.
How do you get to the Seychelles Islands?
The Seychelles Islands is made up of numerous islands. For a trip to here, you would fly into Mahé. From there, you will probably go to Praslin or La Digue because those are the main islands. You also have a lot of private island resorts. For example, Prince Harry and Princess Meghan Markle stayed in North Island!
What makes the Seychelles a great destination?
The Seychelles have massive granite boulders that are thousands of years old as well as the very large land tortoises. The only other place known for such animals is the Galapagos. They’re massive, ancient, and live up to 250 years. Also, one of the last rainforests in the world is in Praslin, where you can see the massive but buoyant nuts called coco de mer, which are about half the size of a car tire and can only be found in the Seychelles.