We will match or beat a price when you provide us with a competitor's quote prior to purchase, if it is lower and available, and extend any value-added amenities or past guest savings, if applicable.


» Is cruise pricing consistent?

Marketers have had a field day being creative with cruise deals: two-for-one, up to 70% off, all-inclusive and so on. Yes, there are a lot of good cruise deals out there! For the most part, however, cruise lines and travel agents sell cruises at the same prices, and most cruise lines have mandated their products be sold at their stated prices. Some agencies, like TravelStore, can negotiate additional value-added amenities for our clients the cruise line's do not offer, like onboard credits or a private car & driver excursion.

As with airfares, cruise prices fluctuate. The price of a cruise is what it is the day you book and deposit. Prices can also be lower if an agency has group space. (TravelStore has many groups on select cruise lines.) If you receive a quote from another agency, or directly from any of our featured cruise lines, that seems lower, please check with our cruise experts before purchasing. Our cruise deals are the lowest available authorized prices.


» What if I’ve already booked a cruise directly with the cruise line?

If we offer additional amenities on the cruise you’ve booked, or if we have group space and our price is lower, you can ask the cruise line to transfer the booking to TravelStore and take advantage of our services. Cruise lines simply cannot and won't provide you the level of services we can. However, cruise lines have their own policies about this, and usually we can only "take over" a booking once deposit is made within a certain trime frame. Once full payment is made, cruise lines will not allow a booking to be changed to a different source.


» What services do you offer?

The TravelStore cruise professional you work with is your dedicated agent* and available to you, by e-mail or their direct phone line, until after you return home, to provide assistance with any issues should they occur, book your airfare and/or transfers, arrange better pre- or post-cruise hotel arrangements or custom shore excursions, reserve travel insurance and review trip documents. We are not a call center and provide you with personalized service, and there is no added charge.

Once you are booked, TravelStore has a proprietary cruise tracking tool that will alert our travel consultants to lower pricing, new promotions and additional value added features that are applicable to a sailing, as well as any change that might be made in the itinerary.


» Are there any tips to compare cruise prices?

Our cruise agents can help when you call to review pricing. However, be sure to:

  • Compare "apples to apples."
  • Verify sailing date and exact stateroom category the price is based on.
  • Make sure your price includes all taxes & fees, and/or any service charges. (TravelStore does not have any service charges on cruise bookings.)
  • On most all cruise lines you're bound to have additional onboard expenses, so be sure to consider the value of any onboard credits.


» Are there any other tips to get the best deal on my next cruise?

Yes. Most cruise lines have an onboard concierge. When you are on your cruise, we urge you to meet with them and reserve your next cruise in order to receive a bonus savings. They will then advise your TravelStore agent. This savings will be combinable with our best pricing and onboard amenities. Even if you're not ready to pick a particular destination or voyage, the deposit is refundable, and it will lock in this bonus savings should you decide to cruise with the same line in future.

Our experts make your cruise vacation a seamless booking process. Ask us your questions and we'll give you honest answers and take care of all the arrangements you might require.

* Please note the name, e-mail and direct phone number of the cruise expert you work with, which they will provide you with, so you can access them directly whenever you need to do so. (Your agent's contact will also be on the e-mail confirmation they send you.)