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Most Recent Trips

Iceland, Cuba, Chile

Favorite Trip Experience

Seeing the Northern Lights, Visiting Tikal; snorkeling with sharks in Bora Bora; visiting behind the scenes at The Hermitage

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I got my start in travel while in college, setting up the USC Student Travel Service in the ‘70’s. While getting my MA (Russian Studies), I created and operated my own annual tour to what was then the USSR. Since leaving USC, I’ve worked for tour operators and managed the cruise division for the AARP. I joined TravelStore’s team in the ‘90’s.

My commitment to travel has always been heightened by an awareness of tourism’s role in promoting understanding and peaceful relations between peoples of different nations and cultures. Every destination offers insights and delights if you travel with an open and inquisitive mind; though the more exotic the destination, the more compelling the trip. 

As exciting as it is to visit places for the first time, it’s also wonderful to return to those I’ve been to before.  How can anyone tire of visiting cities like London or Paris?  However, at home we have a large world map on the wall, with colored pins identifying where our family has been. It’s a daily reminder of how many places there are yet to experience!

I am a Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) and Master Cruise Counselor (MCC), and have taken over 40 cruises. I enjoy the serenity of the days at sea: viewing the limitless horizon from a ship in transit provides an inner peace I’ve rarely experienced  other than on safari in Africa.

"One does not fulfill one's potential by listening to Scheherazade in a gilded hall, or by reading the Odyssey in one's den. One does so by setting forth into the vast unknown -- just like Marco Polo when he traveled to China, or Columbus when he traveled to America."  Amor Towles, A Gentleman in Moscow

My Travel Experiences

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