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I remember waking up in the middle of the night on Fridays to my mom telling me and my brother to get ready. My brother and I would get ready not knowing where our parents were going to take us. In the car we would ask where we were going, and they would always say “wherever the road takes us.”

Very grateful for the life I had growing up, my parents were able to take the family out of town nearly every weekend. Whether it was to Disneyland, Universal Studios, or even fly us to Hawaii every summer, we were always on the go, staying at different hotels, trying new restaurants, or just driving around and exploring. One of the best parts was coming back home and recommending all of the different things we had done and places we stayed to family and friends. That is how I fell in love with travel.

Still today, every weekend I try to go somewhere new in California so that I could recommend vacations close to home. I love exploring and trying new activities like snorkeling with wild dolphins, kayaking to little islands in Hawaii, zip lining above forests overlooking the city and water in Vancouver, to hiking a couple of hours to get the view of the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur. For my adventure travelers, I have the best trails and activities to recommend to you on your next vacation.

I am a very family oriented and love traveling with friends and family. I have assisted groups for class reunions, family reunions, destination weddings, even bachelor or bachelorette vacations. It is always a pleasure getting to know my clients and their family and friends -- making that connection is very important to me. 

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