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It all started as a freshman in high school. I took an adult education class in the evenings and learned all about the travel business. My guidance counselor had his own travel business as well, so I decided then that this is what I wanted to do. After years in the mortgage industry, I got married, started a family and decided to get back into the travel business about five years ago. It only seemed natural. I have had my hand in it always, however, planning everyone's vacations and learning as I went.

Planning a special family getaway keeps me going. Watching the joy on a child’s face as they eat breakfast with Winnie the Pooh or Ariel is priceless. I’ve been fortunate to experience Alaska, the Disney Wonder cruise with my kids and Disneyworld – which I’ve now visited 16 times. I also have been very fortunate to have seen all the Hawaiian Islands and a great deal of the Caribbean and Mexico. Seeing a travel dream come true for my clients and their families brings me great joy. I look forward to helping you and your family.

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My Travel Experiences

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