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I once took a 40-day cruise along the Eastern coast of South America in 1963. It was a small quirky ship with ports of call that still speak to me some decades later. I became a travel agent to follow my passion for sharing and experiencing the world. I love sharing places I've been to, doing research on hotels, poking around places and walking - a lot! I'm conscientious, well-traveled, adventurous and open-minded. My favorite memories include interactions with people, like talking to a farmer in the Lake District of England and listening to what happened there.  I specialize in walking tours, and have completed ten internationally.

I used to hate getting lost but I've learned to look at those experiences as adventures, a chance to see something I might not expect and a place I can explore unfettered.

I spent my free time reading, walking, bike riding, and sharing time and new places with my loved ones.

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My Travel Experiences

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