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As a child I lived in several countries in Europe, but I mainly grew up in Belgium and then my family moved to Chicago. My mother loved to travel and had been all over Europe and the Middle East in the 1930’s – setting the tone for my future in the industry. As an adult, my husband and I lived in the Netherlands and Israel for a year, giving me new insight as an adult living abroad.

Before becoming a travel agent over 30 years ago, I taught French and German until the demand for language instruction declined. Because of my love for travel, I attempted to be a travel writer, but ultimately attended travel school and have been in the industry ever since.

I love working with people on their travel, whether they are trying to plan a vacation, set up a family reunion, or take a routine business trip. It’s rewarding to find precisely what a client hopes for, especially if they don’t think it’s possible. I find it highly rewarding to solve any travel dilemma. I never stop reading travel books, journals, newspapers and advertisements to keep up on what’s new. I’m a good listener, I’m devoted and I will always try to find the best options for you. I think it’s very important to guide you and impart my experiences to help you understand what to expect on your trip.

Some of my favorite travels include renting a canal boat in England and having to raise bridges and open and close locks on my own! I’ve climbed to the Perfume Pagoda in Vietnam and wandered through Angkor Wat. I was once on a train that was hoisted up and then dropped down at the border of the USSR to adjust the track width – I’ve never experienced anything like that again! The world is a marvelous place offering up a myriad of wonderful experiences.

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