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I have been fortunate enough to travel the world for more than the past 20 years. Why travel? Well, very simply, you get to live and sample what otherwise you can only see on a postcard or television.

Travel is addicting. I believe that whether by land or sea, there is always an opportunity to immerse oneself in a country’s culture. As they say, a vacation is not a place, it’s an experience. The possibilities are endless: from a bicycle tour in quaint St Bart’s, or a mineral bath in the Hot Springs of Costa Rica's Arenal Volcano, or a fancy dinner from your balcony stateroom overlooking the Mediterranean. 

I can plan any adventure you request.  While I have enjoyed all the destinations I've visited, cruises, Europe, Caribbean and Latin America are my areas of expertise. 

As a nature lover, one of the places that stands out is the hike to one of the famous rivers of Costa Rica: Rio Celeste (Turquoise River). As we trekked the evergreen rainforest, on our way to the waterfalls of Rio Celeste, it started to pour. My family and I found one of the outlook stops which was made up of a natural canopy. From there, we were able to appreciate the transformation of the rainforest. As the rain ended and we started to walk we came across beautiful orchids, bromeliads and howler monkeys. The highlight was the beautiful turquoise waterfall of Rio Celeste, which did live up to its name. The sulphur and calcium carbonate in the water account for its color. The water runs from “Volcano Tenorio”, which also forms mineral pools which you can enjoy after a stunning hike.

I’ll be delighted to tailor your trip to wherever your imagination fancies, whether on a cruise in Europe, a getaway to St Bart’s in the Caribbean, or a visit to ancient Machu Picchu in Peru. Memories are priceless and irreplaceable, and I will be delighted to arrange your incredible journey.  

My Travel Experiences

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