5482 : American Spirit

Information provided within these pages has been updated as of June 2019. While we do our best to ensure that stateroom descriptions and deckplans appearing in this website are complete and accurate, we cannot be responsible for inaccurate representations, which may or may not be under our control. Please reconfirm stateroom accommodations and deck placement prior to booking.

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Owner's Suite with Private Balcony
Category OSB
Square Feet:350 sq. ft.

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Stateroom with Private Balcony
Category AAL
Square Feet:263 sq. ft.
Single Stateroom with Private Balcony
Category SGB
Square Feet:248 sq. ft.

The intimate atmosphere of each Single stateroom is ideal for the solo traveler. At 248

Stateroom with Private Balcony
Category AAC

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Stateroom with Picture Window
Category AA
Square Feet:258 sq. ft.

AA Category staterooms are the perfect place to unwind after a day of exploration. Each 258 sq. ft. room has a large opening picture window with views of the passing scenery. The room also offers a full-size bathroom and plenty of closet space.

Stateroom with Picture Window
Category A
Square Feet:258 sq. ft.

A category rooms are a quiet enclave for total relaxation. They come equipped with a full assortment of modern amenities and large opening picture windows. Each room is 258 sq. ft. and ideal for cruising the inland waterways of the Northwest.