Travel Essentials

Being able to stay connected while traveling has become ever more important.  While some hotels and transport vehicles provide WiFi connectivity for travelers, being able to connect on a fast, reliable and secure Wi-Fi connection is often important.  We offer and recommend TEP Wireless, which we've tested on the road, as a useful and indispensable travel companion.  Click here to learn more about and order your TEP Wireless device.

Ship your luggage ahead to any destination worldwide, giving you the ability to avoid the inconvenience of carrying, checking and claiming luggage -- even going through customs. Door-to-door service includes protective packaging, time specific pick-ups, tracking and included insurance. Use TravelStore's code #2033006 and receive a $25 savings on your service.

TravelStore offers our clients reduced parking at Parking Spot, which offers both self-park and valet park options. For more information, click on the link.

A helpful packing list and reminders before you go.

Enlightened travelers recognize the need to cover the investment they make in their travel plans by purchasing a travel protection plan. While there are many options, we recommend Travelex, and rely on the high level of support they provide when you need it most. For more information on the available plans or to enroll, click here to enroll online or contact Travelex Insurance Services at 800-235-7178 and reference location number 05-0978.

Travel Insurance is underwritten by, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company (formerly known as Stonewall Insurance Company), 1314 Douglas Street, Suite 1400, Omaha, NE 68102. 11.17 W20

Enjoy our quarterly digital magazine, featuring unique travel content, videos and more. Click here for an index of available content.

Pocket Travel Consultant is our free app for Apple and Android devices to help you plan your trips and provide 24/7 access while you travel internationally. Includes information on accommodations, dining, history, entertainment, fun facts and maps for over 350 cities. Request the app here, or ask your TravelStore agent.

Tripit organizes your travel plans and trip details in one place, and personalizes your itineraries by adding maps, directions, travel notes, weather, dining reservations, city guides and more. You can print, access and share your travel plans online, from a mobile device or in your personal calendar.

When traveling outside of the United States, US citizens must be in possession of a passport valid for at least six months beyond their return to the US. Passports issued for adults are valid for ten years (five years for children). For more information, visit or call the National Passport Center toll free at (888) 874-7793.

Some countries require US citizens to obtain a visa. TravelStore offers our clients reduced pricing with CIBTHere you’ll find up-to-date information and assistance with processing visa applications and passports. Find all the information you need, apply on line, or use the concierge service that will expedite the process. (If applying on line and you don't have a TravelStore agent, use "TravelStore" as the agent.)

Staying healthy is a top priority for enjoying your international travels. This means ensuring you have up-to-date vaccinations and know-how to remain healthy while seeing the world. The Center for Disease Control is a go-to source for travel health.

The State Department issues travel warnings recommending Americans avoid, or consider the risk of, travel to a country when conditions make it dangerous or unstable, or when the U.S. Government's ability to assist American citizens is constrained. For more information, visit the State Department’s website.

AwardWallet keeps track of your reward programs such as  frequent flyer miles, hotel and credit card points. You can join for free, add your rewards programs and let AwardWallet track and monitor your rewards and itineraries. You will even receive notifications when your balances change and before points expire.

It pays to think ahead when traveling overseas, and having some local currency on hand when you arrive. Visit for information on exchange rates and acquiring foreign currency in advance of your departure.

A number of travelers require traveling with prescription medications.  Some drugs may be outlawed by certain countries. Travelers can check the International Narcotics Control Board regarding country regulations governing various drugs. Not all countries have made this information available. If the country you are visiting isn't indicated, we recommend checking the Embassy or Consulate to inquire if that have that information.

TravelStore is pleased to offer Travel Gift Certificates, allowing you to give what may well be the most memorable and cherished gift possible, the joy and personal enrichment travel provides. This gift is flexible and unique -- applicable to any travel purchase the recipient chooses to make with TravelStore -- and will be cherished long after most other gifts are forgotten or have lost their value.

Whether to celebrate a special occasion, birthday, romance, or just because, consider the gift of travel to mark the occasion.  (Minimum purchase amount is $250.)