Back from Ghana: The Obama Hotel & more


This was a special trip for Ray to go back to his old school in Takoradi, reconnect with former volunteer friends and to meet others. Ghana isn’t for everyone, but it was great for us!! We enjoyed the food, the culture and getting to know the locals by going to markets, riding public transit (great STC bus service intercity travel) and walking through the villages.

Accra was a lot of fun for us. The Obama Hotel was fine, large room, decent bathroom, good air-con and even a minifridge, but ours didn’t work and we didn’t complain. The only thing about it is that it is VERY isolated from ANYTHING. If we were doing business at the university or needed to be really close to the airport, it would have been an okay location. However, to explore the city, it was a bit removed.

We walked to the tro-tro stop and road the cramped minivans with the locals, but at night, it didn’t feel that safe to be walking the isolated streets. Next time we will stay somewhere you can walk to restaurants/clubs in the evening. The staff was great. Breakfast simple but good. We ate dinner there one night and food was good.

We also stayed in Elmina where the slave castle is–great tour–dismal history of how low humans can go!! Stayed at the Bridges Hotel (owned by the folks who own the Elmina resort. It was a fair room, okay bed, great staff.

In Osua Beach we stayed at a nice place, African Rainbow Resort, owned by a Canadian-Ghanian family. Ray was in the volunteer service with the owner in the 70′s. It is a great place, 12 large rooms, refrig, some with air-con others with fans, great rooftop patio that overlooks the town and ocean. Good food!

In Kumasi we stayed with another Canadian-Ghanian family, also former volunteers who have come back. Their place is called Four Villages B&B. It is a lovely large home with four large rooms, very nice bathroom, homecooked breakfast, air-con. A large central living room, free movies to watch in your room. Great hosts, Chris and Charity Scott. They offered to drop us off at a few sites, gave us tips on best places to see etc., and they have a woman (Comfort) who takes folks on guided tours to craft villages and even to the enormous market (largest open air market in Africa, 10,500 individual stalls). We took the market tour for 3 hours for less than $8 US. It was like staying at good friends home. Really wonderful.

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