Heard about the camels in Cabo?


Vacation packages to Cabo are popular as a quick out-of-country getaway south of the border, or as a port of call on a Mexican Riviera cruise. Cab0 is noted for a number of resorts, bars and golf courses. And now there's something even more offbeat: camel rides along the coastal sands.

A lot of people think of Cabo as a place to party or golf, or just hang out.  But every destination offers its own adventure and enrichment opportunities. the camel rides are part of an eco-excursion adventure that includes a 4x4 tour. The camels are led by their intrepid leader, who came from Niger.  Not only do you enjoy riding a dromedary, but you learn a lot about them, too, as well as learn a lot about Baja life and wildlife -- and tequila.

So next time you're planning a vacation package to Cabo, consider enriching your experience -- ask our travel agent about arranging your 4x4 tour and camel ride. Of course, Cabo is the 'tip of the cactus' for Mexico.