Trump Wakiki and the best hotels on Oahu, Hawaii.


I recently checked out the new Trump Waikiki, and the location is not bad but not for 5 Star clients. The property is one block from the beach, with a narrow alleyway as public access, or walking through the Outrigger directly across the street. The atmosphere here is totally “New York,” and not conducive to the colors, sights and sounds of the beautiful Islands and what one may desire of a Hawaii

But then I also checked out the new designs of the Royal Hawaiian, and by no means is it the beautiful decor of days gone by. Again, Black and Yellow just does not cut it when you are in the tropics. Totally “Miami Beach” look-alike. Discussed this with management and they are very aware of what the new color scheme and design has done in regards to client satisfaction. According to inside news , a totally new tropical theme is being planned to redecorate the Royal Hawaiian once again, at a considerable cost, due to client dissatisfaction and comments received.

The Halekulani and The Kahala still are two of the most beautiful properties. Here a guest enjoys the ambiance of the location and design of the hotel, and also receive 5-star treatment. Location is not everything, decor also counts.