5 More Reasons to Visit Dubai and the United Arab Emirates

The UAE is a popular destination in the Middle East today
The rise of travel to the UAE has skyrocketed, not unlike all the skyscrapers that have shot up in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and supported by the incredible airline service available to these destinations. While we're seeing growing requests for Dubai and Abu Dhabi vacations, many of our clients see these as great add-ons enroute to an African Safari or to the Maldives.
We asked our in-country specialist for some top draws:
1. For an evening of magic, a top experience is the Sundowner Dune Dinner Safari in Dubai. Our operator's camp is the only one within the national park, which provides much better opportunities to see wildlife like the Oryx. 
2. For art lovers, The Louvre Abu Dhabi, which has a 30-year arrangement with France, is a must-see, with fine artwork from around the world.
3. For adventure seekers, there's a Mountain Safari through the Hajar Mountains, Valley of the Caves and Masafi Canyons, which visits archaeological sites along the way.
4. For those traveling with children, or simply kids at heart, Warner Brothers has a new indoor theme park on Yas Island, where you can meet up with all of Warner Brother’s legendary characters, from Batman to Bugs Bunny.
5.Take the time to enjoy a hands-on experience with falcons, and learn more about these amazing birds of prey.