TravelStore's professional travel consultants are committed to providing you personalized attention and the best service possible, the value of our knowledge and expertise garnered from the first-hand travel of our colleagues and clients, and the added leverage we enjoy with our preferred global suppliers. Read more about the TravelStore Advantage.

Our focus is to provide you objective and unbiased assessments and recommendations that meet your interests and needs, unlike high-volume online site that do not offer personalized service or promote subjective and. in some cases, paid-for viewpoints.

TravelStore's travel agents may assess the following planning-related fees to help defray non-recoverable costs related to arranging your travel.  “Per booking” or “per invoice” is a single fee covering all persons sharing the same itinerary and booked on one invoice. A “per ticket” or “per person” fee applies to each person.

Airline Tickets:

• $15 per ticket (minimum) for airline reservations booked in conjunction with a cruise, tour or package, or booked directly via our self-booking online service.
• $25 per booking or transaction for SouthWest and JetBlue tickets.
• $25 (minimum) per ticket for ticket refunds.
• $35 (minimum) per invoice for all other airline tickets or ticket exchanges.
• $100 (minimum) handling fee for frequent flyer upgrade certificates, awards or mileage tickets.

Vacation Packages:

• Non-refundable "Plan-To-Go Deposit" for individually-tailored customized travel arrangements, as follows. (The deposit is usually applied as a credit toward the cost of booked arrangements):
    -- for trips of up to 8 nights in length. $100 per person  ($200 per couple)
    -- for trips 9 – 14 nights in length: $175 per person  ($350 per couple)
    -- for trips 15 nights or more: $250 per person ($500 per couple)
• $150 (minimum per booking) for canceled cruises and/or tour packages after deposit is paid.
• $100 (minimum per person) non-refundable deposit for holiday travel requests made fewer than four weeks of departure for reasearch and special handling
• $100 (minimum per person) non-refundable deposit for last-minute requests within two weeks of departure for reasearch and special handling.
• $50 for each change on a vacation package booking after a deposit is paid (per booking).

Other Fees:

• $20 for printed copy of some electronic documents (if you prefer not to download yourself).
• $15 (minimum) for express (overnight) delivery of tickets or documents.
• $35 for returned checks.

If you have questions about any of our planning fees, please contact a travel expert for clarification.