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Planning a trip properly requires expertise and research to provide you with the right recommendations based on your preferences and needs: to “cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s.”  We help you make better travel decisions, handle the arrangements and continue to monitor conditions and changes up to and throughout your trip. That’s TravelStore’s ‘At Your Service’ Vacation Assurance program.

If you are new to collaborating with our travel advisors, we have prepared a helpful flyer on How We Work and How You Benefit that outlines the process on what happens when you engage our professionals.

'At Your Service'

Complimentary Consultation
The most important element in working with you is your TRUST. As an employee-owned company, each of us, whether an employee or an affiliate, is personally invested in doing the best for our clients.

Before planning your trip, we offer a complimentary consultation so you can get to know the TravelStore Expert who will be curating your trip, how we might best meet your travel needs, and if we are a good fit for you.
Your Personal Trip Concierge
With TravelStore's ‘At Your Service’ Assurance program, you‘ll be working with a professional Travel Advisor - your personal travel concierge - dedicated to you who provides: advice and insight, care and support, protection and peace of mind. They will save you considerable time and provide you more value and a seamless experience. This Trip Designer is your dedicated advocate before, during and after the trip. You can also stay connected when on the road with our Pocket Travel trip app.
Customized to Your Needs
To best meet the needs of all our travelers, TravelStore offers a tiered service plan plus a Flight Assurance Plan.. After reviewing your trip needs, and based on your trip requirements and complexity, your Trip Designer can advise the services best suited for you. (See plan options below.) If you also require flights to be booked, we are more than happy to help with our Flight Assurance Plan, which includes our vigilance in monitoring changes that impact your travel.
Know the Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions apply to every trip, and it is important you are aware of these as well as what penalties may come into play if you need to change or cancel arrangements. You will need to review and approve TravelStore's Terms & Conditions and also those of additional suppliers of services for your trip, which your Trip Designer can advise you of.
Traveling Safe & Securely
While TravelStore's advisors are always willing to provide their guidance and share their opinion, each traveler has to make their own decision whether to travel or not, based on their personal comfort level. Health and safety protocols are all the more important today. Learn more about Travel Safety and Security.
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'At Your Service' Meets Your Personal Travel Needs

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Vacation Assurance Plan

This program is for travelers who need impeccable services for a fully custom-designed trip. Whether booking a weekend resort getaway with exclusive amenities or planning to visit multiple destinations, our tiered plan will provide the impeccable services you require and the peace of mind of having a travel pro on your side if something should go wrong.  Click here to view our range of Vacation Assurance services. If you require flights for your trip, please see our Flight Assurance Plan.

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Flight Assurance Plan

TravelStore provides travelers the best available airfare that meets your needs at time of purchase. There are various types of airline tickets( e.g., the least expensive are non-refundable with significant restrictions). We can suggest better routings and review options. We also rebook you in the event of schedule changes required as a result of weather or other emergencies. Click to review Our Flight Assurance Plan.

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Group Assurance Plan

This program provides our all-inclusive services for a group of 10 or more travelers who require the services of a travel pro to handle all the details, from contract negotiations to a range of special services, whether for a larger family, destination weddings, corporate incentives, or other types of groups.

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'At Your Service’ Annual Plan

Many of our clients enjoy a special relationship with their TravelStore advisor and may take two or more custom-designed trips each year. For those that prefer it, we offer an annual retainer plan that covers all our services for a calendar year. Consult your Travel Advisor for details.


We invite you to check out our customer reviews and see what other travelers have to say. TravelStore is a Premium Member of ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors), and CLIA (Cruise Line International Association). Our registered California Seller of Travel number is CST#2002736-10.

If you have more questions about our procedures, we invite you to contact one of our travel experts for clarification. 

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