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Let us arrange your Arctic trip or Antarctica vacation where nature reveals herself as surreal and uniquely beautiful.

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Experience World Cruises

Celebrate life on a grand world cruise voyage unlike any other, and enjoy our exclusive world cruise amenities. A variety of cruise lines offer world cruises or...

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Experience The Bar at World’s End

Undoubtedly the southern-most bar on the planet is the Vernadsky Station Lounge, located at this Ukranian compound that was purchased from the British for one pound....

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Experience South Georgia Island

When taking the zodiac to South Georgia Island from your cruise ship, you will be greeted by thousands of king penguins, standing in their cute tuxedos,...

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Experience Midnight Sun at Funken Lodge

Experience the midnight sun on Svalbard on this 3-night package at Funken Lodge in Longyearbyen and partake in the adventures available. With panoramic views of Longyearbyen,...

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Destination Greenland

For travelers seeking that next unique and pristine destination that “no one” has been to, Greenland is a unique choice. Greenland offers stunning landscapes, Norse history, Inuit...

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Experience Exclusive Glamping on Antarctica

Arriving from the included flight from Cape Town at Wolf Fang runway, your exclusive experience begins. Your stay is in one of seven insulated (and heated)...

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Experience Dog Sledding Experience

Iconic in Greenland, dog sledding dates back 2,000 years as an Inuit tradition. On your dog sledding adventure in Greenland, you may see the Disko Bay,...

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Experience Arctic Ice Cave

Explore the magic of a frozen wonderland underneath the surface on this visit to an ice cave by snowcat from Longyearbyen with a guide. Stuck in...

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Destination Arctic

You are soaking in a hot tub on a ship, sipping Stoli and listening, perhaps, to Rimsky Korsakov through your ear buds. The Northern Lights are...

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Destination Antarctica

There’s a bit of a bite in the air as you skim across the chilly waters of the Weddell Sea off the coast of the Falkland...

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Experience Amundsen Night in Antarctica

Imagine camping in a two-person tent on the snowy Antarctic continent and imagine what it might have been like when adventurers  like Roald Amundsen explored this...

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