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The romance and adventure of a cruise vacation is compelling: settling into your comfortable stateroom, being transported to new destinations, be pampered with fine service and dining, entertainment and enrichment –even a personal butler service if you wish. It’s even made better when booked with our exclusive benefits!

Like hotels and airlines, each cruise line has its own policies regarding sustainability and addressing climate change. Eliminating single-use plastics is often cited. Some are investing in or using alternative fuels like LNG (liquified natural gas) which reduces CO2 emissions. Others are using solar and electric power to help offset energy use. For each cruise line we attempt to highlight how they are addressing these important issues.


The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) made a historic commitment to reduce carbon emissions industry-wide by 40% by 2030. This is another important major cruise lines signing this accord have agreed to in helping reduce their impact on the environment, in addition to meeting new, more stringent air emissions regulations.

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Explore Cruise Types

With hundreds of cruise ships and many brands, how do you pick the best cruise vacation? Begin with the type of cruise: traditional ocean cruisesriver cruises, expedition cruises or yacht vacations, and then drill down to the best cruise line options for you. Our cruise experts help guide your best choice. Here’s an overview of cruise types and our preferred cruise line and yacht partners.

Ocean Cruises

Whether you prefer the intimacy of a smaller cruise ship or the fun atmosphere onboard a mega-size ship, there’s an ocean cruise vacation that’s just right for you and will check all the boxes. While destination is important, on an ocean cruise the ship you choose is an important part of your vacation experience.

Today’s Popular and Premium traditional ocean cruises can offer so many experiences that can include rock-climbing walls, water parks, ice rinks, miniature golf, go karts or flow riders; watching movies under the stars on a giant screen or enjoying personal enrichment with guest lecturers; computer, photography and music classes; wine tasting and cooking demonstrations; shopping arcades; spa treatments,  fitness coaches… and much more.

On a Deluxe and Luxury cruise vacation you can enjoy a more refined experience; culinary adventures with wine and caviar bars, dining venues featuring cuisine from some of the world’s top chefs like Jacques Pepin and Nobu Matsuhisa, even ship-based submarines and helicopters!

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River Cruises

River cruises offer more intimate vacations at a slower pace, where the trip is all about the destination, as space onboard is limited and river ships offer fewer bells and whistles than ocean cruise ships. Whether in Europe, Southeast Asia, China or the USA, on a river cruise you’ll enjoy authentic experiences filled with culture, art, music, history, heritage and storybook scenery.

A river cruise provides the convenience of docking in the heart of cities and towns along the way, often within steps of the main town square. Most river cruises are all-inclusive: shore excursions are included as are wine and beer with lunch and dinner, while some offer complimentary cocktails and beverages all day.

The best river cruise ships feature quality furnishings like marble bathrooms with heated floors and towel racks, stately beds and luxurious linens, a sense of fine style, large panoramic windows or balconies, and differentiate themselves with better service and upgraded cuisine.

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Expedition Cruises

One of the fast-growing newer styles for ocean and river cruises, adventure and expedition cruises enable you to explore remote destinations like AntarcticaThe Arctic Circle, The Galapagos or the Amazon in comfort onboard your floating hotel, and  get closer to nature in the company of naturalists and expedition leaders on unique life-enriching experiences.

There are many exciting expedition cruises to choose from, both ocean and river, offering a range of comforts.

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Yacht-Style Vacations

Yachts come in a variety of shapes and sizes — the unique attribute of yachting is being on a much smaller, more intimate vessel, whether with other travelers you’ve not previously met or on a charter with just your own group and the crew.

There are many places where you may consider a private yacht vacation, especially as a private custom-designed trip for you, including the Croatia’s Adriatic coast, the Greek IslandsTurkey’s coast, the Caribbean and elsewhere. Or, you may wish to consider one of the boutique luxury yacht-style cruise ships.

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“…no one had ever told me of the wonderful new life the sea could bring…that grand solitude, that wide look from horizon to horizon, the sense of space, of freshness.”

Jessie Benton Fremont