The Government Shutdown & Travel

Jan 21, 2019 Avatar  TravelStore

The United States federal government has been partially shut down for 31 days, making it the longest shutdown of its kind in American history. Its immediate effects are well-known, but the shutdown also influences spheres outside of the federal government, such as the travel industry.

The check-in process at American airports has been reportedly slower. Some airports have even had partial closures. As a result, travelers with a scheduled flight in the US should allow for additional time at airports.

TSA workers, who are considered essential government employees and must work during a shutdown despite the absence of pay, have been calling in sick. A record high of 10 percent of TSA employees called in sick on Sunday, Jan. 20. Some are quitting their jobs. While the situation continues, it would be courteous of travelers to thank airport workers who remain without pay.

Individuals who need a passport may still get one. Passport application services have remained uninterrupted during the shutdown.

Travelers may research travel plans during the shutdown to see what may or may not be affected by the shutdown on specific trips.

TravelStore is here to assist as best as possible in this trying time.