Ready for Bleisure Travel?

Feb 23, 2023 Avatar Dan Ilves Dan Ilves

VIP Concierge ServicesFor a while now the travel industry has been covering the interest in and growth of  the”bleisure travel” trend.  Bleisure travel is when business travelers add on additional leisure time to their business trip, combining business on the road with a bit of (or a lot of) personal vacation time.

A newer trend fist identified just before the pandemic, bleisure travel is having a huge impact as more business travelers are taking advantage of already being in a different place to add some personal time, whether one or two days or longer. In other cases business travelers are booking stays at resort destinations, deciding to conduct work from the resort. The pandemic had a huge impact on the trend as a number of individuals took up residence at vacation spots from which to conduct business, setting up their business remotely from resorts around the world. As our work-life boundaries blur, the trend is predicted to soon outpace the typical business trip.

TravelStore has seen some growth with our corporate road warriors who appreciate the importance of having their “down time” and doing it in combination with their business trip. Perhaps it’s a bit of “having your cake and eating it too!”  The trend has caused a number of hotels and resorts to adapt to the trend. They are experiencing the growth of business travelers who are booking longer stays. According to the Global Business Travel Association, more than one in three business travelers add a leisure component to at least one of their business trips.

A typical bleisure trip might include one or two nights where the traveler decides to visit a museum, attend a local sporting event or concert, hire a car and driver to show them the sights, or just to kick back and work out in a new place and enjoy some new dining venues. It also includes those who decide to operate their business from a more remote location and stay at a resort for a longer period of time to enjoy the locale, perhaps a beach resort in Thailand or Hawaii.

Whatever your needs or desires, for business or pleasure, our travel consultants facilitate making the travel arrangements you need to make the most of your trip.