Traveling Internationally?  Make Sure Your Passport Is Valid

Dec 29, 2021 Avatar Dan Ilves Dan Ilves

There’s been a tremendous reported backlog in passport applications no doubt coupled with reduced staffing resources to process them and combined with generally slower mail delivery.  As we’ve previously warned, if you are planning an international trip and need to renew or get a passport, you should allow plenty of time in advance. The State Department recommends travelers allow two to three months for the expedited processing of either a new passport or a passport renewal request.

You’ll also be paying a higher price now for your passport, which is valid for ten years if you’re an adult 16 or older, as fees have been increased by $20. The higher cost for passports are meant to defray the additional cost for protecting travelers from identity theft and fraud by including RFID chips,  polycarbonate page coating and raised lettering and watermarks.

The cost for renewing an expiring passport for anyone over 16 is now $130, while a new passport will cost $165.

For those that haven’t planned ahead, an additional $60 will bump you up and get your passport order faster processing, along with an extra fee for expedited overnight or two-day mail delivery.  For more information you can check the State Department’s website.  Priority processing is also provided for emergency cases and we recommend using a 3rd party service if you require expedited service.

While President Biden recently approved an executive order for online passport renewals which should facilitate more efficient processing, it’s unclear when this change will occur. In the meantime, renewing a passport requires filling out and mailing in a form along with your expired passport. For passport as well as visa services you can also check with our partner at VisaHQ.