2019: United Premium Plus

Dec 20, 2018 Avatar  TravelStore

Flyers of United Airlines are now able to purchase Premium Plus seating on select routes beginning on March 30, 2019. The new class will have larger seats for travelers, as compared to Economy Plus, by approximately two inches.

The larger seating is, additionally, nearer to the front of the aircraft. It is arranged so that there are two seats, an aisle, three seats, an aisle, and, finally, two seats. The seating comes with increased legroom and reclining ability and a larger screen to watch in-flight entertainment.

Travelers in Premium Plus receive an amenity bag and noise-canceling headphones. A blanket and pillow by Saks Fifth Avenue are also provided.

Meals come with cloth napkins and custom-made cutlery. Alcohol, furthermore, is free-of-charge on the flight.

Premium Plus flyers on United get priority boarding, Premier Access check-in, and two checked bags. These travelers, in addition, receive a reduced rate to enter United Club locations.

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