Airline Quality Rating in 2019

Apr 10, 2019 Avatar  TravelStore

The 2019 Airline Quality Rating has determined that Delta Airlines ranks highest among major American airlines, followed by JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, and Alaska Airlines. The ranking is based on data collected on mistreated luggage, punctuality performance, involuntary refused boarding, and guest grievances.

Generally, the industry improved since last year, and Delta Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines, and JetBlue, specifically, exhibited signs of improvement over the year. The industry Airline Quality Rating score, furthermore, is the highest in all of the rating system’s history.

While the data collected for mistreated luggage, involuntary refused boarding, and guest grievances illustrated industry improvement, punctuality performance was down.

Despite that Delta Airlines topped the list in 2019, Spirit Airlines showed the most improvement. Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, and Frontier Airlines all had a decline in score as measured against the previous year’s data.

Here are the exact rankings:

1. Delta Airlines
2. JetBlue
3. Southwest Airlines
4. Alaska Airlines
5. Hawaiian Airlines
6. United Airlines
7. Spirit Airlines
8. American Airlines
9. Frontier Airlines