American Airlines’ Five Star Service Upgrades in New York and Los Angeles

Mar 01, 2019 Avatar  TravelStore

American Airlines’ Five Star Service, which can be purchased with a ticket in an American Airlines premium cabin, has been updated in Los Angeles International Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport. Now, Five Star Service guests traveling through those airports have a private screening, private suites access, and off-terminal entry point, and use of Blade, which is a helicopter service that will circumvent traffic on the ground.

These new options are, additionally, available for Five Star Select guests, which is offered at a cost to American Airlines travelers in a premium cabin who do not qualify for the Flagship experience. Five Star Select is available at four airports in the United States whereas Five Star Service is available at 12 airports in the United States as well as four international airports.

As mentioned, guests can use Blade in lieu of ground transport. Upon arrival via Blade at Los Angeles International Airport or John F. Kennedy International Airport, the American Airlines traveler will be met by a representative. The representative will, from that point, accompany the traveler to a Cadillac vehicle, which will take the guest to Flagship First Check-In. The helicopter service may also be utilized for those who have reached their end destination.