American Airlines’ New Year’s Resolutions

Feb 01, 2019 Avatar  TravelStore

American Airlines, the biggest airline in the world, has unveiled its aspirations in the new year. Titled, “One Team, One Plan 2019,” an infographic details the components of three main objectives: (1) make culture a competitive advantage, (2) build American Airlines to thrive forever, and (3) create a world-class customer experience.

The discussion and of culture, longevity, and customer experience, as many businesses across many industries have discovered, is critical to success. To accomplish these goals pertaining to culture, longevity, and customer experience, American Airlines seeks to “become leaders in diversity, inclusion and equality,” “think forward, lead forward,” “deliver customer-focused airport and world-class lounge construction and development,” as well as other ideas.

Leading “the safest and most reliable operation” in American Airlines history was mentioned twice in the infographic under culture and customer experience. The company, one may rightfully infer, takes that goal very seriously.

American Airlines strives to advance the customer experience onboard. By the end of the year, “industry-leading” wi-fi will be installed on Airbus A320s and Boeing 737s, power will be available in nearly 90 percent of all seats, an international premium economy choice will be established on the relevant planes, and 20 gates will be opened between Dallas-Ft. Worth and Charlotte, N. C.

The company plans to “improve earnings per share by 40%.” While American Airlines in the infographic has detailed other longevity goals, this is particularly important; in 2018, the value of American Airlines stock decreased more than 40 percent.

As the first two words of the infographic title, “One Team,” may suggest, carrying out American Airlines’ aspirations is a team effort. American Airlines will be, furthermore, contributing to its team and culture by fostering a caring environment as well as “more than $250 million in frontline Team Member facilities in 2019.”