Delta Upgrades Main Cabin International Experience

Aug 02, 2019 Avatar  TravelStore

Travelers aboard international Delta flights in the main cabin will receive a value-added, “first-of-its-kind” in-flight experience as of November 2019.

A complimentary hot towel will be provided to guests at the gate, and passengers will be given free Bellinis after takeoff. New amenity kits comprise a sleep mask, earplugs, cleansing cloths, and a dental hygiene kit.

The menu will offer a variety of “mix-and-match” appetizers and entrees, which will be served on custom dishes with upgraded cutlery. An option of wine, tea, coffee, or water will follow the meal with dessert, after which guests will receive another hotel towel. Lastly, chocolates are given to travelers at the end of the flight.

The service upgrades have resulted in positive feedback as its tests on over 700 flights between Portland and Tokyo have seen improved customer satisfaction.