Free in-flight WiFi

Oct 18, 2018 Avatar  TravelStore

There's good news for corporate travel coming. Delta has announced they will be offering free WiFi to all their customers on all their flights.

In an effort to always remain competitive, airlines know that the amenities they offer their customers does make a difference when planning and selecting flights. Delta believes it is important to make inflight WiFi strong and dependable, and have been working for a while now on implementing and perfecting WiFi service onboard their aircraft. Being able to offer this feature to all passengers on all flights is something they are very excited about and hope will help make for an excellent inflight experience.

Although it is not available on all flights just yet;Delta Airlines is very excited about the project, and hope it will help make for an enhanced inflight experience.

United Airlines is also onboard, working on free WiFi accessibility on their flights, too, and some airlines, like JetBlue, for example, have been offering free WiFi since early 2017.
Inflight internet is not a new concept, and is offered by a variety of airlines, but the restrictions and/or quality of the satellite connectivity can vary and can be frustrating for passengers. Some airlines offer limited WiFi for a certain amount of time or data usage, while others offer the free WiFi perk to their credit card holders, sky mile members, or for passengers traveling in First or Business Class.

Since working remotely or on the road has becomes more prevalent, access to WiFi is, of course, important for one's productivity, especially for business travel. Having the option of free and stable internet capability in the air can make all the difference for a great flight; for business travelers as well as to the five-year-old kicking the seat behind you! The internet is a wonderful pacifier for some, and an inescapable necessity for others.

As many locations like restaurants, stores and airports have already accepted and welcomed the benefits of offering free WiFi as a perk for their customers, it should be no surprise that airlines need to add this feature as well. In today’s tech-obsessed world, people want to stay connected; to be able to work, interact with family and friends or just surf the web, internet access is critical.