Live TV Now Available Inflight

Oct 04, 2018 Avatar  TravelStore

American Airlines recently announced that they will now have free live TV on 100 of their domestic planes. Offering the service through Dish Network, they now have twelve live channels, including NBC, USA, Telemundo, CBS, Disney, CNBC, NFL Network, ESPN, CNN, FOX, TNT and Bravo. Future plans are in place to have internet and live TV on all of their domestic planes by the end of next year.

Airlines know that their guests want to be connected, whether that’s surfing the web or being able to watch their favorite TV show; corporate travel and leisure travel guests welcome the distraction to keep them occupied for the flight. Entertained guests make for an easier inflight experience for all travelers and the crew and American Airlines has decided that live TV is a great option to be able to offer their guests.

For this feature travelers will have to use their own device. They can use a phone, tablet or computer for their viewing pleasure, but they must be sure to download the airlines’ app before takeoff in order to access the service. Also, since not all of American Airlines planes have personal power outlets in the seat yet, guests should have their electronic device fully charged for uninterrupted enjoyment.

Although not everyone is offering this feature and it is a welcomed addition for American Airlines passengers, JetBlue has had this option on their planes for over 15 years. And most other airlines offer some version of free entertainment. In today’s market all the major airline carriers are constantly trying to keep up with each other. To be competitive in the industry having any edge over another airline is important, whether that be complimentary inflight snacks, movies, TV or Wi-Fi, travelers want and expect these options.

American Airlines is aware that their customers seek an experience that allows them to not miss out on anything while traveling, and they hope being able to tune in to their favorite live TV show will keep travelers comfortable and connected while in the sky.