Lufthansa Introduces Biometric Boarding Pass to U.S. Markets

May 25, 2018 Avatar  TravelStore

Lufthansa is bringing new technology to the U.S. markets it serves with a biometric boarding system, designed to help save time during the airplane boarding process.

The technology uses recognition cameras to capture facial images, which get sent to Customs and Border Protection for instant authentication of each person’s identity. Once confirmed, the passenger is allowed to walk onto the plane, no boarding pass required.

Lufthansa chose Los Angeles International Airport as its first U.S. market to test the new technology. It took about 20 minutes to board an Airbus A380, which accommodates over 500 passengers! With such success, Lufthansa is now expanding this biometric boarding system to other U.S. markets they fly to, and no doubt, we’ll be seeing more biometric boarding systems in place in future.

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