Overcoming Jet Lag One Tip At a Time

Aug 06, 2018 Avatar  TravelStore

On longer flights, jet lag can be an especially common annoyancefor business travelers. Flying cross country and arriving groggy can be tough when you have to be prepared for meetings and presentations and are expected to be fresh and ready to learn or educate or close that important sale. The quick turnaround often associated with business travel can commonly lead to issues with jet lag.

The most common symptoms of jet lag include; drowsiness, trouble concentrating, irritability, confusion, and/or decrease of appetite. Unfortunately, experts tell us there is currently no cure. Steve Simpson, the director of the Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney, has worked with researchers to study jet lag and its effects. He reminds us: “you need to appreciate that you can’t beat it entirely. It is fundamental biology.”

Although there isn’t a cure yet, Simpson and his team of researchers have been able to come up with some tips that travelers and airlines can do to help combat jet lag effects. The best tips may require making some changes to one's typical in-flight routine. Tried and true advice has been to limit alcohol and caffeine intake (because it dehydrates you), avoid overeating, use sleeping pills wisely and remember to drink lots of water. Selecting overnight flights whenever possible can be helpful as well (if flying business/first).

Simpson also says if you can try to shift your internal clock 90 minutes a day for a few days leading up to departure it can help you adjust to the local time easier upon arrival.

More and more, in-flight adjustments are made by the cabin crew as well, like lighting changes based on the time of the destination, and the time and type of meal you are served on board. Adjusting the time that meals are served, along with serving food that is not high in fat and carbs can also aid in your body's adjustment.

As we all know, though, business travel can be stressful, and business travelers like their comforts when traveling; but sometimes those comforts can be counteractive to your body's overall performance. By incorporating some of the tips above into your typical travel routine you can try to alleviate some of the common jet lag effects and hopefully have a more successful and enjoyable trip.

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