Overhead Bins on United Airlines

Nov 13, 2019 Avatar  TravelStore

Airlines have been looking to improve the passenger experience by tackling luggage storage. For instance, JetBlue is charging passengers $5 if they would like to check their carry-on bag. Delta has a $59 yearly charge to guarantee a passenger’s use of overhead bin space. United Airlines, on the other hand, is creating space for bigger overhead bins.

With the additional space, every traveler on domestic United flights will be able to bring a full-size carry-on bag. On a Boeing 737-900, which can transport 179 travelers, the extra space equates to 65 more pieces of carry-on luggage.

United Sr. Vice President and Chief Customer Office Toby Enqvist wants to better this aspect of the passenger experience in a variety of ways. Specifically, he wants to stop checking luggage at the gate as well as passengers’ having to walk far from their seats to find overhead bin room.

By 2023, the extra overhead bin space will be on the majority of United airplanes.