The New Age of Travel at LAX – and hats off to the Delta Upgrades

Aug 23, 2018 Avatar  TravelStore

Recently there have been numerous changes and upgrades being made at the Los Angeles International Airport. Several construction projects, ranging from parking structures, to sidewalks, to the terminals have been underway, and the improvements are noticeable. Although the construction process can impact overall congestion, the goal is to make LAX bigger and better, which a major hub like Los Angeles warrants!

The changes at LAX that we are especially happy to see are those Delta Airlines is making. They have been working on a $1.9 billion-dollar renovation, with many updates and advancements. Improvements they have invested in include their baggage claim area, terminal restrooms, and expanding the Delta Sky Club. They have also added new retail shops and dining selections at their two terminals, but the really incredible changes are those that are technology driven, with the airline “focused on building the airport of the future." The modernization of Delta’s facilities are also starting to be rolled out at New York’s LaGuardia Airport and in their hub Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Some of the new innovations being implementrf use facial recognition and fingerprints as proof of identity. This technology is going to be used for all aspects of their in-airport experience, from checking baggage, to the Delta Sky Clubs, to boarding, and their hope is these advancements will make air travel easier and more seamless.

These new features will definitely help with efficiencies and the self-service aspects for travelers, along with easing the daily operating tasks of the staff. For example, Delta will be adding new hand-held devices for gate agents so that they can adjust pretty much everything the boarding passenger would need assistance with; from changing seat assignments to checking-in, agents will now have all of that information at the tip of their fingers. By applying these changes Delta's staff can be more efficient and helpful, increasing their level of service and making the travelers’ overall experience that much better.

These advancements are exciting to see, and we are sure will be just the beginning of changes that will in time become common for other airlines as well, hoping to make the process of flying easier and more convenient. By integrating these new technology-centered services, the airline hopes to make “air travel smarter” and maybe even a bit more glamorous again.