Travel Tips for the Solo Female Business Traveler

Jul 03, 2018 Avatar  TravelStore

In today’s business environment, more women are traveling for business, and often traveling alone.

A 24% segment of female business travelers report being in an uncomfortable situation when travelling – experiencing an assault, theft, or some type of harassment. A few simple tips from the pros can help women solo travelers minimize the chances of this happening to them.

When making travel plans, try to arrive at your destination before nightfall. This not only allows you to more easily navigate around an unfamiliar city in daylight, but also ensures there are plenty of people around in the garage at the rental place, in the lobby of the hotel, etc…

Whether you are driving your own car or getting a rental – always have your keys ready! Get your keys out and in your hand before you leave the building to avoid fumbling around outside the car in a parking lot. Get in the car quickly, and lock the doors immediately.

If you are walking around outside, walk facing traffic to avoid being followed. Also – carry your purse or briefcase on the inside arm – not the arm near the street! Some cities are known for petty theft where robbers just grab your purse and get into a parked car or run across the street with it.

Consider buying a local paper or magazine to carry under your arm as well so you look like a local and, if possible, don't dress extravagantly.

When you get to your hotel – keep your room number to yourself. When the elevator stops on your floor, and if you feel uncomfortable getting out – DON’T! Ride the elevator back down to the lobby and/or another floor and try again. The last thing you want to do is get off on your floor and get followed to your room. When you do get off the elevator – have your room key ready! Have it in your hand, and immediately lock your door and use the chain/deadbolt after entering your room.

Remember, if you feel uncomfortable around someone – trust your gut! It is far better to be safe than to be polite, so remove yourself from the situation quickly.

For any more safety tips and help on your next business trip, contact one of our corporate travel experts today. Travel Safe!