3D Scanners Coming to American Airports

Apr 03, 2019 Avatar  TravelStore

The Transportation Security Administration will roll out 300 new 3D scanning machines to airports across the United States starting in the summer of 2019. The new technology will permit flyers to keep liquids, laptop computers, and more within carryon luggage during security check.

3D scanners were tested in the summer of 2017 in Boston and Phoenix’s airports, and ten other scanners from different manufacturers can now be found at various airports.

The 3D technology implementation comes after a $96.8 million contract, in which Smiths Detection, Inc., a Maryland company, will provide the scanners and related services in the course of five years. TSA noted that the deployment of the machines will be finished in 2020.

“This technology will vastly enhance threat detection capabilities for carry-on baggage and overall effectiveness at airport security checkpoints across the U.S.,” according to a national press release from TSA.