27-night World Segment - New York to Dubai Cruise

Sailing from Brooklyn Cruise Terminal (New York) to Dubai. Vacation Offer ID # 1305498
Cunard Line
Ship: Queen Mary 2®

Queen Mary 2 is Cunard's flagship and the most magnificent ocean liner ever built. A Transatlantic Crossing to or from New York, or a European cruise from Southampton, on this incredible ship is a holiday like no other. Queen Mary 2, affectionately known by customers as QM2


Description Arrival Departure
Brooklyn Cruise Terminal (New York) 01/03/2020  12:00 AM01/03/2020  5:00 PM
At Sea 01/04/2020  12:00 AM01/04/2020  12:00 AM
At Sea 01/05/2020  12:00 AM01/05/2020  12:00 AM
At Sea 01/06/2020  12:00 AM01/06/2020  12:00 AM
At Sea 01/07/2020  12:00 AM01/07/2020  12:00 AM
At Sea 01/08/2020  12:00 AM01/08/2020  12:00 AM
At Sea 01/09/2020  12:00 AM01/09/2020  12:00 AM
London (Southampton)

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01/10/2020  6:30 AM01/10/2020  6:00 PM
At Sea 01/11/2020  12:00 AM01/11/2020  12:00 AM
At Sea 01/12/2020  12:00 AM01/12/2020  12:00 AM

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01/13/2020  8:00 AM01/13/2020  5:00 PM
At Sea 01/14/2020  12:00 AM01/14/2020  12:00 AM
At Sea 01/15/2020  12:00 AM01/15/2020  12:00 AM

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01/16/2020  9:00 AM01/16/2020  6:00 PM
Strait of Messina 01/17/2020  2:30 AM01/17/2020  4:30 AM
At Sea 01/18/2020  12:00 AM01/18/2020  12:00 AM

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01/19/2020  9:00 AM01/19/2020  12:00 AM

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01/20/2020  12:00 AM01/20/2020  10:00 PM
At Sea 01/21/2020  12:00 AM01/21/2020  12:00 AM
Suez Canal 01/22/2020  5:00 AM01/22/2020  3:00 PM
Petra (Aqaba)

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01/23/2020  8:30 AM01/23/2020  10:00 PM
At Sea 01/24/2020  12:00 AM01/24/2020  12:00 AM
At Sea 01/25/2020  12:00 AM01/25/2020  12:00 AM
At Sea 01/26/2020  12:00 AM01/26/2020  12:00 AM
At Sea 01/27/2020  12:00 AM01/27/2020  12:00 AM
At Sea 01/28/2020  12:00 AM01/28/2020  12:00 AM
At Sea 01/29/2020  12:00 AM01/29/2020  12:00 AM

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01/30/2020  7:00 AM01/30/2020  12:00 AM

Itinerary subject to change without notice. Please confirm itinerary at time of booking. Rates are capacity controlled, subject to availability and change without notice.

Stateroom Description & Pricing Info

Cabin Type Our Per Person Price
Atrium View Inside Stateroom-HB call for pricing
Balcony Stateroom-BF call for pricing
Princess Suite-P1 call for pricing
Queens Suite-Q7 call for pricing
Queens Suite-Q6 call for pricing
Queens Suite-Q5 call for pricing
Penthouse Suite-Q4 call for pricing
Royal Suite-Q3 call for pricing
Duplexes & Suites-Q2 call for pricing
Grand Duplex-Q1 call for pricing
Balcony Stateroom-BZ call for pricing
Balcony Stateroom-BY call for pricing
Balcony Stateroom-BV call for pricing
Balcony Stateroom-BU call for pricing
Balcony Stateroom-BC call for pricing
Standard Inside Stateroom-IA call for pricing
Balcony Stateroom-BB call for pricing
Club Balcony Stateroom-A2 call for pricing
Club Balcony Stateroom-A1 call for pricing
Single Oceanview Stateroom-KC call for pricing
Single Oceanview Stateroom-KB call for pricing
Oceanview Stateroom-EF call for pricing
Balcony Stateroom - Obstructed View-DF call for pricing
Balcony Stateroom - Obstructed View-DC call for pricing
Balcony Stateroom - Obstructed View-DB call for pricing
Standard Inside Stateroom-IF call for pricing
Standard Inside Stateroom-IE call for pricing
Standard Inside Stateroom-IC call for pricing
Standard Inside Stateroom-IB call for pricing
Princess Suite-P2 call for pricing

Rates are cruise only, per person, based on double occupancy. Government fees/taxes additional for all guests. Fuel surcharges may apply. Please ask your travel counselor for details. Rates are subject to availability and may change without notice. Restrictions may apply.

Departure Date:
Number of Nights:
Itinerary Description:
Brooklyn Cruise Terminal (New York)/Dubai
Cruise Inclusions:
  • 27-night Cruise
  • Meals
  • Entertainment
Prices are per person, based on double occupancy and may reflect cruise only guarantee specials. Airfare, transfers, Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses additional.

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Available Add-Ons:
Optional shore excursions.
Optional roundtrip airfare.
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