14-night Inaugural Cruise

from $18,150
Sailing from Paris to Normandy (Le Havre). Vacation Offer ID # 1354212
Ship: Le Commandant Charcot

The world's first luxury icebreaker cruise ship

Reach the Geographic North Pole, complete an Arctic Ocean crossing, discover Greenland's extreme North East, or probe the icy wilderness of Antarctica

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  • $500 per Couple Shipboard Credit


Description Arrival Departure
Paris/Normandy (Le Havre)

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05/31/2021  12:00 AM05/31/2021  6:00 PM
St. Malo

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06/01/2021  12:00 AM06/01/2021  12:00 AM
At Sea 06/02/2021  12:00 AM06/02/2021  12:00 AM
At Sea 06/03/2021  12:00 AM06/03/2021  12:00 AM
Rockall 06/04/2021  12:00 AM06/04/2021  12:00 AM
At Sea 06/05/2021  12:00 AM06/05/2021  12:00 AM
Alftanes Peninsula 06/06/2021  12:00 AM06/06/2021  12:00 AM
Blosseville Coast 06/07/2021  12:00 AM06/07/2021  12:00 AM
Blosseville Coast 06/08/2021  12:00 AM06/08/2021  12:00 AM
Ittoqqortoormiit 06/09/2021  12:00 AM06/09/2021  12:00 AM
Ittoqqortoormiit 06/10/2021  12:00 AM06/10/2021  12:00 AM
Jan Mayen Island 06/11/2021  12:00 AM06/11/2021  12:00 AM
At Sea 06/12/2021  12:00 AM06/12/2021  12:00 AM
At Sea 06/13/2021  12:00 AM06/13/2021  12:00 AM

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06/14/2021  12:00 AM06/14/2021  12:00 AM

Itinerary subject to change without notice. Please confirm itinerary at time of booking. Rates are capacity controlled, subject to availability and change without notice.

Stateroom Description & Pricing Info

Cabin Type Our Per Person Price
Prestige Stateroom with Balcony-PR6 $18,150
Prestige Stateroom with Balcony-PR7 $18,500
Prestige Stateroom with Balcony-PR8 $18,850
Privilege Stateroom with Balcony-PV6 $22,560
Privilege Stateroom with Balcony-PV7 $23,440
Privilege Stateroom with Balcony-PV8 $24,320
Owner's Suite-SA $24,320
Prestige Suite-PS7 $31,380
Prestige Suite-PS8 $32,260
Privilege Suite-VS8 $34,020
Privilege Suite-VS6 $34,020
Suite Duplex-DU $48,140

Rates are cruise only, per person, based on double occupancy. Government fees/taxes additional for all guests. Fuel surcharges may apply. Please ask your travel counselor for details. Rates are subject to availability and may change without notice. Restrictions may apply.

Departure Date:
Number of Nights:
Itinerary Description:
Paris/Normandy (Le Havre)/Reykjavik
Cruise Inclusions:
  • INAUGURAL CRUISE: Be the first to set sail on Le Commandant-Charcot, the first hybrid electric polar exploration vessel.
  • Outings and shore visits in ZodiacĀ® inflatables with the naturalists.
  • Hiking opportunity.
  • Explore the east coast of Greenland and its still pristine territories upon which the first French explorers set foot in the past.
  • Landscapes: volcanic rock and wild tundra on Jan Mayen island, fjords, jagged mountains, glaciers, icebergs, sheer cliff s and polar ice cap.
  • Wildlife: musk oxen, Arctic foxes and hares, polar bears, seals, sea birds.

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