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Voyages to the Arctic and Antarctica create indelible memories that live on long after the vacation is over. Take advantage of seasonal promotions and onboard credits when booking with TravelStore.
Expedition travel is a phenomenal adventure, an enriching, life-changing experience. Through compelling itineraries, an expert team of expedition staff and a capable and comfortable fleet, Quark Expeditions takes you right into the thick of things for a trip you will never forget. Here are some reasons that make Quark a leader in Polar Adventures.
Quark is a polar pioneer and has been going to the Arctic and Antarctica since 1991. As trailblazers they set standards for the industry. Quark Expeditions offered the first circumnavigation of the Arctic Ocean, and were the first to take passengers to the emperor penguin rookeries near the Ross Sea. Their innovative spirit continues to inspire travelers on every voyage.
As polar specialists, Quark attracts the very best talent in this area–- from its guides and captains to logistics and support staff. This adds up to insightful planning, spell-binding adventure and their deep personal connections. 
The mark of a specialist is not to take anything for granted. Quark understands the moments you will treasure are the sum of a thousand details gone right. They check and recheck, making sure landing sites are safe and points of interest are scouted.
A number of cruise lines venture out to polar areas -- but for Quark, these regions are their backyard, and as climate change continues to affect and shift the landscape, Quark is relentless when it comes to finding elusive wildlife, offering in our view the richest sighting experiences, and showing you things others can’t.
While it's easy to take safety for granted, it's all the more important in polar regions.  Quark bases decision on the all-important pillar of safety, with the profound understanding of risk versus reward. Quark didn’t just read the book on safety – they helped write it.
With more than 25 years of experience in The Arctic and Antarctica vacations, Quark Expeditions continues to push its boundaries and will help you push yours. We enjoy our partnership with Quark -- let us arrange your expedition voyage.