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Things to Do and See in England, Scotland, and Wales

Beyond the pubs, museums, castles, monoliths and megaliths, a trip to Britain offers travelers the opportunity to come into contact with some of the most beautiful, pastoral countryside in all of the world. The English and Welsh countryside is the stuff of poetic legend, while the Highlands of Scotland offer tourists some of the most stunning landscape views anywhere on the planet.

Additionally, London, being the world capital that it is, has a tremendously well developed nightlife, internationally recognized gourmet dining, and some of the best shopping you’ll find anywhere in Europe. Take in a football or cricket match, catch a show at Ronnie Scott's, view the crown jewels and watch the Beefeaters feed raw meat to the Tower’s ravens, or immerse yourself in the multi-cultural luxury bazaar that is Harrods department store. No matter what you choose, you truly can’t go wrong when you visit Great Britain.

The Weather in Great Britain

In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, English author Douglas Adams writes about an English lorry (truck) driver who travels the English countryside making deliveries, while never realizing that he is, in fact, a rain god. The implication in Adams’ joke is that it rains so frequently in Britain that it could rain on someone every single day of their life without them ever noticing that anything unusual was happening to them. Thankfully, the joke is far funnier than it is reflective of reality.

Britain enjoys four full seasons every year, with the majority of precipitation coming down in the fall and spring. During the summer months, high temperatures in the South of England can reach into the nineties, but the whole of Britain can have as much as a twenty to thirty degree temperature differential between the South of England and Wales, and the North of Scotland. The South coastal areas of England also enjoy the most sunshine of anywhere in Britain.

Great Britain Transportation Options

London and the rest of the developed cities and larger towns throughout Britain have taxi service, and well-developed bus and rail mass transit options available for travelers. Rail service is available to just about anywhere you’d like to go in Britain, but if you want to get off the beaten path, then you may have to rent a car or motorcycle to do so. This is especially true if you want to tour the Scottish highlands, or to venture off the main tracks in the Welsh or English countryside. We can readily provide car and driver services to meet your needs, too.

Hotels & Resorts in Great Britain

As with most developed Western nations, every town of any size will have multiple lodging options available. The larger cities will have accommodations ranging from five-star luxury resorts to hostels. Any town of reasonable size in the British countryside is likely to have an inn with rooms to rent to travelers, and many of the cities and towns have home stay and other lodging options, as well. Plus, TravelStore offers exclusive amenities and VIP Status at a number of select four- and five-star, hand-picked hotels.

Unique Adventures and Experiences in Great Britain

Once you get your punch card stamped with the standard highlights, you may be in the mood to do something a little more unique. Here are some suggestions for unique adventures and experiences in Great Britain.

Tour a Highland Scotch distillery while you’re visiting. After all, Scotland is arguably the birthplace of whisky. And, if the Scots didn’t invent the beverage, they can certainly claim to have come about as close as anywhere to perfecting it. See how it’s done from the mash to the peat, and finish your tour off with a little taste of something special -- because it's not all exported!

History buffs can travel back nearly six thousand years in time by touring and exploring a barrow or Neolithic burial monument in the English countryside. Lovers of literature can spend the day at Shakespeare’s Stratford upon Avon, where the poet and playwright was born in a home that remains completely in tact. Music buffs will delight in an afternoon touring Liverpool, where the Beatles were formed, and the museum of their work resides.  

More About Great Britain

Whether you’re planning to visit Scotland, Wales, and England, or to spend the entirety of your vacation exploring London and its surroundings, enrich your Great Britain vacation experience by calling a Britain travel expert today. Let us bring a trip to Great Britain into your heart, with memories that will last a lifetime. Learn more about vacations in Great Britain.