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Things to Do and See in China

It’s nearly impossible to absorb the country’s sheer scope – that is, until you peer over the country’s vast expanse from atop the Great Wall, or feel the weight of history in the immense Tiananmen Square during a trip to China. From gorgeous scenery to unparalleled cuisine, travel to China has it all.

To fully experience all that China vacation packages have to offer, take a leisurely river cruise or bolt through the landscape on Shanghai Maglev – the world’s fastest train. Whether you choose to vacation in the country for a romantic China honeymoon in illustrious Hong Kong, or you head for a rural escape, let TravelStore help you make the best of your stay on your trip to China.

China Weather and Climate

As China spans across a variety of latitudinal and longitudinal markers, the climate and temperature fluctuates greatly by region. While most areas are temperate and experience familiar cold associated with winter and warmth with summer, pockets of the country are also targeted by more severe weather traits, including monsoons.

While you’ll want to consider where in China you plan to travel, experts say that the best time to visit based on China weather is early fall. In late September through October, the majority of China experiences mild temperatures and minimal rainfall. Visitors will be comfortable traveling through most tourist attractions, including Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an, and Chengdu when it comes to China weather patterns.

China Transportation Options

In most major cities, public transportation is readily accessible and easy to navigate. With ever-evolving technology and rising urban populations, more Chinese cities are investing in underground metro and light rail transit systems. In more rural areas, buses and taxis are the predominant forms of transportation.

Of course, TravelStore can help you make travel arrangements (including novelty travel, by rickshaw, cruise, river taxi, or bullet train) ahead of your departure for optimal ease and comfort, and there is always the option of booking a select China river cruises during your stay. 

Hotels & Resorts in China

China has a variety of accommodations for every budget located throughout its vast country. Whether you’re searching for a luxury suite in the city for a China honeymoon, or a remote village stay in the countryside, TravelStore has located choice accommodations where we frequently extend special amenities to travelers.

Boutique China hotels and more relaxing China resorts can be found in every major city, and TravelStore has taken care to find handpicked hotels in China’s less frequented destinations that offer the same levels of comfort found in major cities. However, with fewer amenities available in smaller towns, we recommend that travelers book their stays at China hotels as far in advance as possible to secure your ideal getaway accommodations.

Unique Adventures and Experiences in China

Why not travel off the beaten path in China by taking alternative transportation? While Shanghai boasts a wealth of cultural novelties, find time to stop by Zhujiajiao, a town nearly 2,000-years old just outside the city. From a canal boat ride, you can follow the “Pearl Stream” and gaze at tea houses and ancient row dwellings that date back to the Ming Dynasty. This tranquil region south of the Changjiang River ushers visitors into a bygone era of ancient tradition within a modern paradise when you travel to China.

Immerse yourself in cultural history during your China vacation – for starters, when you travel to Beijing, you can explore the old residential area of the city by rickshaw as a part of a tour. As you’re carried through small alleyways and narrow streets, reflect on past lives and historic moments that this area of hutong (alleys) siheyuan (quads) has witnessed. 

Continue absorbing unique Chinese culture by attending local theater, one of many amazing things to do in China, especially the performance on the lake in Hangzhou. In larger cities throughout China, you can enjoy performances that dramatize and paint portraits of Chinese life while under different dynasties. In Xi’an, local groups are famous for a show featuring traditional Chinese music and dance depicting the Tang Dynasty’s rule over the city.

More About China

Our team is ready and willing to guide you through the endless expanse of China, whether you aim to revisit history, meet with artists, or to taste revolutionary modern cuisine during your travel to China. Search for China vacation packages above, or contact us today to help you begin planning your ultimate getaway to China.