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Things to Do and See in Ireland

The Emerald Isle beckons with its lush, beautiful countryside, its rich history, and its generous and welcoming people. You can choose a drinking tour of the country and enjoy the “crack” (conversation) and music at any of the hundreds of pubs scattered throughout the country. Or you can choose a history tour of the country and visit the many historical sites, medieval castles (even stay in one or two of them!), and ancient ruins that dot the countryside.

You can stick to the cities, enjoying modern Irish culture, shopping, and nightlife. Or you can get way off the beaten track and plan an overland journey on foot, stumbling across old Ireland along the way.

The Weather in Ireland

Ireland has a somewhat unique climate, located as it is between Britain and the North Sea. The island enjoys a moderate climate with frequent and rapid changes in the weather, but without extremes of temperature. It experiences four seasons of weather, but the island does experience cloud cover and rain on 150 to 225 days a year.

So, no matter what time of year you visit, be sure to bring adequate rain gear if you intend to spend time outdoors. Severe cold is very rare in Ireland, even in the north of the country. But there are times, usually a couple of days each winter, when it does snow.

Ireland’s Transportation Options

Belfast, Dublin, and most of the other large towns and small cities of Ireland have developed mass transit systems that rely primarily on buses to get both locals and visitors around. The major cities and towns also have taxi service, and Dublin has Uber, as well. Dublin also operates a regional commuter rail system called DART.

For getting around the Irish countryside, if you're not on a guided coach tour, a car rental is probably the most efficient and hassle-free way to go. TravelStore can arrange a self-drive Ireland vacation, or car and driver service within any specific location.

Hotels & Resorts in Ireland

Like the majority of the developed world, nearly every town of any size in Ireland has a wide range of available accommodations for travelers on just about any budget. Most of the smaller towns also have inns, and a range of home share and short-term rentals are available in both urban and rural settings throughout the island. Not to be missed, however, is making the arrangement to stay in one of Ireland’s castle hotels, such as the world-renowned Ashford Castle. TravelStore has exclusive amenities at select resorts, and booking a package of services you need will provide better value than booking every component on your own separately or winging it.

Unique Adventures and Experiences in Ireland

If it’s your first trip to Ireland, walking the Giant’s Causeway, kissing the Blarney Stone, taking the Guinness Factory Tour, purchasing a cable knit sweater, and enjoying the nightlife in a few city or rural pubs may be all it takes to cross the Emerald Isle off your list. But, if you’ve been to Ireland before or are looking for something a little less ordinary to take up your time, consider the following options.

Take a drive down a magic road to the Magic Hill in Mahon Falls, Co Waterford. One of the most picturesque of the “magic roads” along the Irish countryside, this one leads to a spot with a fairy tree in the Comeragh Mountains that’s known for its strange gravity.

You can also take a boat tour of Clew Bay, around John Lennon’s Island. Lennon bought the island and intended to build a home on it, but never did. He did stay and camp there twice, though. And if you like it, it’s for sale last we checked.  

View the murals of the wall in Northern Ireland. Travel to Belfast and take a taxi tour of the Northern side of the wall, viewing the murals depicting “The Troubles” and a couple of centuries of political and social history in Ireland.

More About Ireland

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