TRAVELSTORE'S PROFESSIONAL TRAVEL PLANNERS and Independent Affiliates are committed to providing personalized attention and the best service possible. We are not a call center; you will always work with your personal travel planner or their back-up, whether they are an employee of TravelStore or one of our Independent Affiliates.

The TravelStore Advantage includes the value of our knowledge and expertise from our first-hand travel and the cumulative experience of our clients, and the added leverage we have with our preferred global suppliers, including airlines, hotels and resortscruise lines, tour companies, and our in-country destination specialists worldwide. 

Our focus is to provide you objective and unbiased recommendations based on our cumulative expertise that best meet your travel needs and to build relationships with our clients long term. Online booking sites do not offer personalized service and promote subjective and paid-for viewpoints to maximize profitability. As one client has suggested: one can cut their own hair, too, but the job is usually done better in the hands of a professional. 

Having a personal travel advocate adds much value and convenience to you, the traveler. Our travel advisors provide a safety net, save you time, and often save you money, especially with our exclusive offers, upgraded hotel accommodations, value-added amenities and more. There is a cost to providing good service, and our many clients know any such costs are more than made up for the expertise and value we provide.   

Per booking” or “per invoice” is a single charge covering all persons sharing the same itinerary booked on one invoice.
A “per ticket” or “per person” charge applies to each person. Charges may vary.

Airline Tickets:

TravelStore exists to service the travel needs of our valued clients, and to provide travel services to the communities we serve. As an ethical business, we also need to be compliant with the best practices of ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors) as well as our airline partners, to insure business is transacted in an ethical and appropriate manner.

Airline Tickets come in different forms, and it is important to understand each airline's rules and requirements. Our expertise is in suggesting  better routings and reviewing  your options. Airline pricing is dynamic and fluctuates constantly; the price of the ticket is whatever it is at the time you purchase it.

The least expensive tickets are non-refundable and have significant restrictions. Premium reserved seating may also cost slightly more. TravelStore's tools enable us to provide our clients with the best available airfare that serves their needs at time of purchase. Once made, we continue to monitor your reservations, updating and rebooking you in the event of schedule changes required as a result of weather or other emergencies. (For contracted corporate accounts, various tools are offered and fees may vary.)

• $35 (minimum per ticket) air support and assurance fee for airline tickets, ticket exchanges or ticket refunds.
• $100 (minimum per ticket) handling fee for frequent flyer upgrade certificates, awards or mileage tickets.

Past TravelStore clients requesting the purchase of airline tickets will be serviced as usual. For those with no past history with TravelStore wishing to buy airline tickets for themselves or for a third party, personal checks will not be accepted as a form of payment. The only accepted form of payment will be: a) cash, b) a wire transfer sent to TravelStore’s bank account, or c) if paying in person, by credit card, if the departure date is more than two weeks away, with proof of identity and a signed Credit Card Authorization Form, with the signature matching that on the credit card.

Hotel Bookings

TravelStore offers our clients the best value available on thousands of 5-star and 4-star hotels worldwide. As with airline tickets, one can book non-refundable accommodations or slightly higher priced refundable reservations. We usually book refundable reservations and provide added value amenities, as well as upgraded or best available rooms, as available. Because of our personal connections at our preferred hotels, TravelStore clients are treated as valued guests.

While many travelers prefer to reserve a hotel on a credit card, paying in advance can also secure better pricing in some cases, as well as preferred rooms. Hotels also have no-show penalites and may have penalties for cancelling within a certain time prior to arrival. Learn more about our preferred hotels and resorts program. 

Cruise Vacations

Not only do we offer the best rates available on cruise vacations, we also offer additional bonus amenities with many cruise lines, from onboard credits to complimentary private car and driver services in ports of call on select lines. 

Our proprietary CruiseTrak program enables us to automatically monitor cruise line pricing, so we can be advised of changes in pricing as they occur. In addition, we can offer you an expanded selection of shore excursion activites and custom options beyond what the cruise line offers, that are either private or with smaller groups and competitively priced, as well as the best available airfare options for your cruise, pre- or post-cruise hotel stays, and more.

Custom Vacation Planning:

Depending on the type of vacation, planning can be quite involved, complex and time intense. It requires research to provide you with the right recommendation or proposal. Working with a professional saves you time and will result in a more seamless experience and provide more value. As with all bookings, your travel planner is your advocate before, during and after the trip. You can also stay connected with them with our complimentary Pocket Travel app.

We offer a complimentary initial consultation to explain how we work and to understand what you are looking for. Once you are comfortable with your professional travel planner and wish us to proceed with your travel plans, we require a Plan-To-Go deposit, which includes our consultation time and research, our supplier connections, support that extends during and after the trip, as well as access to our technology tools that enhance your trip. 

The "Plan-To-Go Deposit" is non-refundable:
    -- for trips of up to 8 nights in length. $100 per person  ($200 per couple)
    -- for trips 9 – 13 nights in length: $175 per person  ($350 per couple)
    -- for trips 14 nights or more: $250 per person ($500 per couple)

Other charges that may apply:

• $100 (minimum per booking) administrative fee for canceled cruises and/or tour packages after deposit is paid, and/or for changes made after final payment, in addition to any supplier penalties that may apply.

• $100 (minimum per person) non-refundable deposit for last-minute requests that are within two weeks of departure, for research and special handling, in addition to the Plan-to-Go Deposit.

 $50 per booking may apply for each change made after the initial booking request has been approved and the service confirmed by TravelStore with the supplier. 

 $15 (minimum) for express (overnight) delivery of tickets or documents.
• $35 for returned checks.

If you have questions about our procedures, please contact your travel expert for clarification, or you can check out our customer reviews. TravelStore is a member of ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors), CLIA (Cruise Line International Association). Our California Seller of Travel number is CST#2002736-10.

To plan your next trip with our experts, call us or send us your trip request and we will get in touch with you.